From wearables to the mobile app, we can customize the experience your users will have with your company-branded wearable device.

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Users will Receive:

Your users will receive a fitness wearable branded with your company information and configured exactly as you specified. The setup is as easy as putting on the wearable and linking it to the mobile phone of their choice via bluetooth. They are ready to go within minutes of receiving the wearable.


Business will Receive:

Your company will receive a database that allows you to manage all user data quickly and efficiently. You will be able to add or remove users as needed, create different employee and customer groups, issue fitness challenges to specific groups, and more; the options for the data management are endless. If you’d like, one of our specialists can help you configure the wearable and the database to fit your specific business needs.


What Else:

Interacting with your users regarding their fitness and healthy lifestyle is one of many features we can provide. Whether you want to encourage your users to be more fit, or praise them on their achievements, it can all be done on your accessories and app. You can recommend and send push notifications about anything, from nutrition plans to fitness awards and bonuses.

Healthware Technologies not only offers data storage packages to fit all your business needs, we are also able to offer you detailed and accurate analysis of all data collected. Our goal is to empower you with the specialized analysis you need to make critical business decisions.